Shirts. Hoodies. Sweaters.

(I Design them for fun)



Designed for my sister's boyfriend. Since his favorite character to play in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate was the King Koopa himself,  I made him a shirt to match his love for the character. I was inspired by the neon cyberpunk aesthetic.

Incineroar Sweater

Designed for one of my closest friends. Through looking at traditional Japanese wood prints and paintings, I designed this sweater for her to wear as a way to not only keep her warm during the cold weather but have a way for her to show her pride in her Smash Ultimate main. 


Yoshi Island T-Shirt/ Hoodie

Designed for my friend from the UK, I referenced one of his favorite childhood games, Yoshi's Island, for this design. 

Clover Chips UMAI Shirt

A commission I received from Leslies Corporation. I was tasked with creating a shirt to showcase their flagship product, Clover Chips. I was given free rein over the direction of the design so I incorporated the Snack Food Division's fascination for samurai into the shirt.