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 Mini Comic:

From Death's Perspective

"In Death's Perspective" is a mini-comic project I did for my Sequential Art 100 class.


I came up with the story after listening to Bo Burnham's "In God's Perspective," a song that mocks common religious beliefs. However, I was inspired to do something similar from the perspective of Death or the Grim Reaper. 


Through the story, I poured out questions I had on religion:


"Is it necessary to have a belief in a higher power?" 

"Are we truly servants to this higher power?"

"What is the meaning of death to whoever created us?"

I am afraid to ask these questions, especially because I was raised in a very religious culture. Luckily, my family read my comic with an open mind. 

When designing the characters, I wanted to give them more of an asian style. 

Death was designed to look like a samurai, a very honorable warrior that serves their shogun.

The Creator's designed was pulled from combining many famous deities/ figures from different religions: Jesus, Buddha, Shiva, Zeus.

Comic Roughs

This mini-comic was printed and distributed to family, friends, and classmates.

I would like to thank my mother for helping me staple all 20 booklets.

Printing was done by Creative Approach branch at Savannah

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