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Hololive Fan Game Project

Louise WONG
Project Lead, Animation Supervisor

Film Trailer

CLeanUp & Digital Ink and Paint

The Pope's Dog is a very special film. The inspiration behind the look of this short was the Netflix film "Klaus". We wanted to achieve the same effect of 2D animation looking 3D using light and shadow to give form to our character animation. With that,

our pipeline became quite unique. Noah Catan, the VFX Supervisor, and I developed a way to have our sequenced Lined and Colored sequences in Toon Boom Harmony so that each shape and form of our characters can be "lit" in Nuke.  


Lighting VFX

Lighting VFX


Character Design

Before doing cleanup work for the film, I also helped in the early stages of visual development. I mostly did work on the Pope, I helped with the design process as well as made the official Turnaround and Reference sheets for the animation team. 

Character Design
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