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OKASHI is a concept story that was born out of the Tiger vs Dragon motif often seen in Asian cultures. The Tiger and Dragon are both powerful creatures that constantly oppose each other and balance each other equally. 

I wanted to build a concept around two characters that would represent the Tiger and Dragon spirits; however, with a twist. They are both normal highschool girls who have a bitter rivalry,

Character Lineup

Character Lineup

The story opens with the Tiger and Dragon spirits Takeshi and Ren falling from the heavens to the mortal realm after a fierce battle. Heavily injured and near-death, both spirits were forced to link with two random mortal souls in order to survive.


Rui, an athletic tomboy, linked to Takeshi's spirit; while Mayu, a sadistic honor student, was linked to Ren's. Blessed with their newfound powers, Rui and Mayu must continue the battle Takeshi and Ren started. 

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Protagonist: Rui

okashi-rui-takeshi-turnaroundArtboard 1.
Protagonist: Rui

Rui is the main protagonist of this story. She is energetic, peppy, and a hard worker; however, she can be reckless and a bit naive. When Rui transforms to her "Warrior Mode" her hair goes all white and she gains the strength and courage of a Tiger. 

Throughout the story, Rui must learn and control her new powers with the help of Takeshi. 


Mentor: Takeshi

Mentor: Takeshi
okashi-rui-takeshi-turnaroundArtboard 2.

Takeshi serves as Rui's mentor. He is a proud and fierce warrior; however, after losing his powers and transferring them to Rui, he becomes grumpy and bitter. Now, he must teach Rui how to control his powers while adjusting to his new life in the mortal realm. 


As the two train together, Rui and Takeshi form a mentor-mentee dynamic like no other!



OKASHI is set in Japan; however, the story jumps between two timelines. Rui and Takeshi constantly jump between timelines chasing after Mayu and ren as they interfere with past and present affairs. 

The majority of the story takes place in a futuristic cyberpunk version of Tokyo. The neon signs and crowded city is home to Rui and Mayu.

The story jumps to different points in Japanese history such as the Edo - Taisha period. Back when Japan was inhabited by many mythical creatures. 


This project is not over! Someday, I plan to expand more on the story whether it be through animation and comics. Stay Tuned!

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