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Louise WONG

co-producer, visual development artist, animator, lead compositor

2021 Senior Capstone Film


Visual Development

During the visdev stage, I handled the characters. I designed both the Baby and the Grown monster; however, when it came to making turnaround sheets, I made one for all characters (except for the baby monster). As it says on my homepage, I love accurate turnarounds so for this project especially, I wanted to showcase my talent in making accurate turnaround sheets for the animation process. Along with turnarounds, I designed the "Baby Basket" prop used in the first scenes!

Visual Development



The animation was the longest process. Our film was very ambitious and went over the suggested 1-minute length. We wanted to go above and beyond. When it came to animation, I signed up for a lot of difficult shots that truly pushed me out of my comfort zone. My favorite shot I animated is definitely the "Babies Flying" shot; it's just a really charming and whimsical shot and I am glad that I nailed it! I definitely like the "Tail Whip" shot I did as well and I am still impressed I was able to pull it off. I also animated the climax shot where Timmy finally faces the consequences of his own actions. The shot was meant to be dramatic and in slow motion; I am proud of the work I did for that shot as well. I animated many more shots but among them all, these three would have to be my favorites!


I know my title says "lead compositor" but that really just means I was the only compositor. Yes, I composited the whole film. Every single shot! It was a lot of work but overall, I am happy I made the film look as wonderful as possible. It was very difficult and honestly, I was afraid I would let my team down but I pushed myself and composited like hell! In the end, I was able to get every shot done. When it came to compositing in After Effects, there are a couple of things I am responsible for: Lighting, Shadows, Blurs, Color Correction, and Camera Moves.


Presskit and Awards

Press Kit and Awards
Check out the official Presskit!


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